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Results 08.02.2020 Fight Night Nürtingen

WM Title K1 – 90 Kg
Dennis Bauer vs Max Kauthe
Winner by ST Dennis Bauer

EM Title VK – 60 Kg
Charly Glaser vs Linda Schulp
Winner by Extra Round Charly Glaser

Dominic Hübsch vs Hasan Özdemir
K1 – 80 Kg
Winner by RSC Hasan Özdemir Round 1

Bircan Pinar vs Laura Rebours
VK – 63 kg U18
Winner by Points Brican Pinar

Lukas Raugust vs Sven Kaldewey
K1 – 75 Kg
Winner by Points Lukas Raugust

Oliver Görke vs Seyfi Karli
VK +95 Kg
Winner Oliver Görke by RSC Round 1

Artoni Kondeshi vs Ali Agha Kasemi
K1 – 60 Kg
Winner by Points Artoni Kondeshi

Samih Mese vs Kerem Can
K1 – 60 Kg
Winner by KO Round 1 Kerem Can

Marco Cefalu vs Hüseyin Özdemir
KB – 78 kg

Stefan Jelusic vs Charalambos Zeskas
VK – 70 Kg
Winner by Points Stefan Jelusic

Dennis Ullrich vs Danillo Russo
KB – 70 Kg
Winner by Points Dennis Ullrich


Successful Samonte Cup 2023

(EN) Samonte Cup 2023 – a successful tournament in Duisburg with over 700 starts! Dear athletes, coaches, parents, martial arts judges, organizers and setup team,

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WKU Mexico President – Live Interview (Martial Arts Network) with Sensei Luis Jimenez <iframe src=”″ width=”560″ height=”314″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”true” allow=”autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowFullScreen=”true”></iframe>

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