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Black Scorpions Fight Night results

Ergebnisse Charity Fight Event Mannheim 01.07.2023


Profi Weltmeisterschaft WKU 63,5kg 5x3min. Dennis Haddad Germany vs. Alex Gonzales Spanien Sieger Dennis Haddad einstimmig nach Punkten

Charly Glaser Kampfsport Akademie Esslingen vs. Sarah König Thai-Bombs Mannheim Siegerin Charly Glaser einstimmig nach Punkten

Sadullah Erbekler Planet Eater vs. Haza Dirssi Tranz4mer Gym Sieger Sadullah Erbekler nach TKO in der 3. Runde

Alessia Amato Black Scorpions Mannheim vs. Melanie Kappi Thai-Bombs Mannheim Siegerin Alessia Amato einstimmig nach Punkten.

Florian Pira Kampfsport Akademie Esslingen vs. Esnad Ibrahimovic Tranz4mer Gym Sieger Esnad Ibrahimovic KO in der 1. Runde

Kevin Naser Amato Black Scorpions Mannheim vs. Mustafa Malallah Sparta Gym Freiburg Sieger Kevin Naser nach Punkten in der extra Runde

Elanz Mohammadi Tranz4mer Gym vs. Ayca Güven Kampfsport Schmiede Heilbronn Siegerin Ayca Güven nach Punkten

Lion Kaminski Cha Na Nork Gym Heidelberg vs. Rene Lenhart Frankers Fight Akademie Sieger Rene Lenhart nach Punkten

Maximilian Koch Siambull Gym vs. Maksym Pidnebesnyi Hitness Center Heidelberg Sieger Maximilian Koch nach Abbruch in der 3. Runde



New Worldchampion CHARLY GLASER CHARLY GLASER win by KO against SARREGUEMINES from France New German Champion -95kg CHISTOPH MARK CHISTOPH MARK wins by split decision

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In Catania Sicily, on 27 January 2024 Giuliana Parisi won the WKU European K-1 Rules Thaiboxing 52,5kg title in the 3rd edition of Kumitevent. Giuliana

Another successful World Championships 2023

End of a fun week in Calgary at the WKU World Championships. Good performances from both Cass and Harley getting silvers in their respective divisions.