Pro/AM Ranking Season 2018-2019-2020

PRO / AM WORLD TITLE Rankings – Season 2019/2020

Over the past year, we have been promoting PRO / AM title fights for excellent fighters in all WKU World Styles Fights and Forms.

In the ring sports, the PRO / AM fights were established and organized in numerous International Fight Nights.
We implemented the Pro/Am World Champions in our Amateur Rankings.

We start with the qualification ranking by collecting points in the following tournaments:
Bregenz-Open – Bregenz Austria November 2019
PanAm Open – Texas – USA / Canada February 2020
Asia-Open – Beirut Lebanon April 2020
British Open – Birmingham England May 2020
IDM – Simmern Germany June 2020
World Championship Quebec 2020 – Canada October 2020

Each starter receives 3 points on these tournaments.
The 1st place receives an additional 10 points.
The 2nd place receives an additional 8 points.
The 3rd place receives an additional  6 points.

Pro/AM WORLD CHAMPIONS ranking - 2019/2020