The WKUWORLD regularly offers squad trainings (country-dependent) as well as the following:

  • Referee Seminars (1 Star, 2 Star)
  • Cutman/Cornerman Seminars
  • Professional Belt Gradings Certification (Online)
  • Basic 1 Trainer in Martial Arts
  • Basic 2 Trainer in Martial Arts 
  • Competition Trainer Certification
  • Children’s Trainer Certification
  • Prevention Coach Certification
  • Sports Massage Certification


for more information on upcoming seminars, squad trainings and other events, please contact your country representative or official:


Black Belt Gradings:


21.01.2023 Frankfurt



Nächsten Punkterichter + Trainerseminare: 
19.-21.04.2024 in Saarlouis (Saar Dojo) mit Roland Conar, Nadine Flöper, Kristina Linn, Günther Kogucik und Klaus Nonnemacher
26.-28.04.2024 in Mannheim (Black Scorpions) mit Ramin Abtin, Klaus Nonnemacher, Roland Conar, Günther Kogucik 

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Get ready for Rhodos!
We congratulate the Polish Kyokushin fighters on passing their Dan examination under the leadership of WKU World Poland President Tadeusz Krygowski.

Special recognition to:
- Leszek Ptak for achieving the 5th Dan.
- Adam Gazda for attaining the 6th Dan.

Our heartfelt thanks to La Familia for providing the dojo and to Harun Elkol and Kris Legien for their invaluable support during the examination.
Seventy  years of a successful living !

Happy birthday Master Abdul Rahman El Rayess, WKUWORLD President Ringsport, WKUWORLD Middle East President.

We wish you all the best, your WKUWORLD Family.

We will see you all by the International German Open 15.-16.06.24 in Frankfurt Germany.
Opening ceremony at the BWM!

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The GCO / WKUWORLD is the leading martial arts association in the world, succeeding an organization which was originally founded in the 1970s. We have the experience and a shared passion for combat sports for over 25 years to ensure athletes will find the right environment and professional conditions to perform great moments of combat sports. We look forward to continuously creating new milestones in history.

Over the years GCO / WKUWORLD has created fantastic events and started to promote and support Martial Art Clubs and athletes all over the world with grading systems, a worldwide database and management know how. The World Championships, our national tournaments and worldwide Professionals Fight Nights are our most important goals in Martial Arts.

With over 90 member countries, our membership structure covers all age groups from children under twelve to seniors over the age of 55 – both amateur and professional.

Kind regards,

Klaus Nonnemacher