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Night of the Predators II – Results!

Night of Predators 2

Flash Report from Auerbach / Germany

K1 55kg

Yanis Gheorghe vs Ramin Amani

Win by points Ramin Amani

K1 70kg

Hagen Ringmayer vs Mihail Viskun


K1 65kg

Lola Zeidler vs Isabel Karl

Win by points Isabel Karl

70kg Boxen

Sascha Prips vs Moses Lursky

Win by points Sascha Prips

K1 90kg

Vladimir Kozlovskis vs Jonathan Seeliger

Win by RSC Vladimir Kozlovskis

K1 74kg

Berkkan Kasikcioglu vs Nunzio Avellino

Win by KO Nunzio Avellino

Schutzsperre 90 Tage Berkkan Kasikcioglu

K1 62kg

Tobias Schneizel vs Daniel Khudiakov

Win by points Tobias Schneizel

K1 65kg

Bernd Lindner vs Drug Omar


K1 55kg

Annali Brugger vs Angelina Mirke

Win by points Angelina Mirke

Muay Thai 60kg

Hossain Hosseini vs Vranjo Strumpf

Win by points Hossain Hosseini

K1 82kg

Max Hetzner vs Alexander Daschner

Win by points Max Hetzner

Pro/AM DM K1 60kg

Artoni Knodeshi vs Abdullah Al Raab

Win by points Artoni Knodeshi

K1 85kg

Samuel Mai vs Björn Vierboom

Win by KO Samuel Mai

K1 76kg

Leonardo Lursky vs Felix Rau

Win by KO Leonardo Lursky

K1 +95kg

Faith Karakus vs Simon Riedl

Win by KO Simon Riedl

Schutzsperre 30 Tage für Faith Karakus

K1 57kg

Tiziana Olmo vs Kristin Geissler

Win by points Tiziana Olmo

K1 60kg

Sedricl da Silva vs Makumbundu Maid Akbari

Win by KO Makumbundu Maid Akbari

Schutzsperre 30 Tage für Sedricl da Silva

EM K1 72,5kg

Leo Bönninger vs Mario Kornhass

Win by points Leo Bönninger


Successful Samonte Cup 2023

(EN) Samonte Cup 2023 – a successful tournament in Duisburg with over 700 starts! Dear athletes, coaches, parents, martial arts judges, organizers and setup team,

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Congratulations to our new Brown and Blackbelts!

Congratulations to our new Brown and Blackbelts, our grading system is part of the professional education system recognized in Germany. Special thanks to Pro.Dr. Yvonne