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Fight Night Lichtenfels – Results

1) Boxen -50kg, 3x2Min, with head protection

Thomas Babacek (Ravana Gym Marienbad, Czech Republic) vs. Leo Gagel (Fight Promotion Lichtensfels, Germany)

Winner: Leo Gagel by Points

2) Boxen -63kg, 3x2Min, with head protection

Filip Hlavnicka (Ravana Gym Marienbad, Czech Republic) vs. Ramon Dippolt (Fight Promotion Lichtenfels)

Winner: Ramon Dippolt by Points

3) Boxen –83kg, 3x2Min

Lamine Bara (Psv 90 Dessau, Germany) vs. Jannick Hofmann (Fight Promotion Lichtenfels, Germany)

Winner: Undecided

4) K1 –71kg, 3x2Min

Ondrej Jansky (Ravana Gym Marienbad, Czech Republic) vs. Florian Klewno (Fight Promotion Lichtenfels, Germany)

Winner: Ondrej Jansky by Points

5) K1 -74kg, 3x2Min

Bennet Salber (Psv 90 Dessau, Germany) vs. Hristijian Veleski (Gym Alkmaar, Netherlands)

Winner: Hristijan Veleski by Points

6) K1 –59kg, 3x2Min

Josef Burda (Dragon Gym, Czech Republic) vs. Faez Jamshidi (Fight Promotion Lichtenfels, Germany

Winner: Faez Jamshidi by Points

7) MMA -77kg, 3x3Min

Kristoffer Langerud (Novus Academy, Norway) vs. Enzo Eichhorn (Gladiator Gym, France)

Winner: Kristoffer Langerud by RSC

8) Boxing -75kg, 3x3Min

William Brand (Tapout Knockout, England) vs. Jannek Walch (Fight Promotion Lichtenfels, Germany)

Winner: Jannek Walch by Points

9) WKUWORLD ProAm K1 -58kg European Title, 5x2Min

Yara Saleh (Gym Mikenta, Denmark) vs. Milena Belimov (Gym Asia Falken, Germany)

Winner: Milena Belimov by Points

10) K1 -74kg, 3x3Min

Bilal Alloui (Gym Alkmaar, Netherlands) vs. Pavel Wolf (Dragon Gym, Czech Republic)

Winner: Bilal Alloui by Points

11) MMA -80kg, 3x3Min

Jawad Souiry (Gladiator Gym, Frankfurt) vs. Franzer Hirsch (Tapout Knockout, Scottland)

Winner: Franzer Hirsch by RSC

12) WKUWORLD ProAm K1 +100kg European Title, 3x3Min

Eric Britto (Gym Fight District, Switzerland) vs. Thomas Hümmer (Fight Promotion Lichtenfels, Germany

Winner: Thomas Hümmer by Points


Successful Samonte Cup 2023

(EN) Samonte Cup 2023 – a successful tournament in Duisburg with over 700 starts! Dear athletes, coaches, parents, martial arts judges, organizers and setup team,

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Congratulations to our new Brown and Blackbelts!

Congratulations to our new Brown and Blackbelts, our grading system is part of the professional education system recognized in Germany. Special thanks to Pro.Dr. Yvonne