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Results 12.05.2018 Fightarena IV, Heilbronn Germany

K1 WM WKU -63kg
Marleen Okx vs. Deniz Batinli 
Win by Points Marleen Okx 

K1 WM WKU -90kg
Andrei Pogonet vs. Jerome Heinz
Win by TKO Jerome Heinz

K1 -63kg
Angelika Feit vs. Nicole Coban
Win by TKO 1. Rd. Angelika Feit

K1 -52kg
Youssef Chafi vs. Christian Suev
Win by Points Youssef Chafi 

K1 -45kg
Ilyas Ouamira vs. Jeremi Schubert
Win by Points Jeremi Schubert 

K1 55kg
Katharina Dalisda vs. Iliana Triantafillou
Win by DIS Katharina Dalisda 

K1 -95kg
Tayfun Ucar vs. Mert Celik
Win by Points Tayfun Ucar

K1 -75kg
Adrian Laube vs. Ismail Yörük
Win by Points Ismail Yörük

K1 -65kg
Nuredin Hoxha vs. Maximillian Reiff
Win by Points Maximilllian Reiff

K1 -75kg
Timmy Menrath vs. Aftenie Ovidiu
Win by TKO 1. Rd. Aftenie  Ovidiu

K1 -78kg
Johannes Bass vs. Maxi Graf
Win by TKO 3. Rd. Maxi Graf

K1 -80kg
Chris Obiango vs. Akam Tarageh
Win by Points Akam Tarageh

K1 -100kg
Elvis Djanan vs. Amir Kotikov 
Win by TKO 1. Rd. Amir Kotikov 

K1 -95kg
Bardhyl Gashi vs. Admir Hamidovic 
Win by DIS 3. Rd. Admir Hamidovic

K1 -66kg
Qaisar Amerchel vs. Emmanuel Lique Canaveral
Win by Points Emmanuel Lique Canaveral

MMA -95kg
Oleksii Vysochyn vs. Edwin Kolcak
Win by TKO 1 Rd. Edwin Kolcak

K1 -75kg
Slavoljub Budesa vs. Maksim Kalashnikov

K1 -95kg
Andrii Yembolaiev vs. Aleksandru Burduja
Win by TKO 2 Rd. Aleksandru Burduja 


Successful Samonte Cup 2023

(EN) Samonte Cup 2023 – a successful tournament in Duisburg with over 700 starts! Dear athletes, coaches, parents, martial arts judges, organizers and setup team,

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Congratulations to our new Brown and Blackbelts!

Congratulations to our new Brown and Blackbelts, our grading system is part of the professional education system recognized in Germany. Special thanks to Pro.Dr. Yvonne