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Another successful World Championships 2023

End of a fun week in Calgary at the WKU World Championships. Good performances from both Cass and Harley getting silvers in their respective divisions. I took the opportunity to pull the pads on and compete one last time. For me it was a special moment in which I could share the mats with my son and walk the path I have asked him to take for so many years. Have to admit it was a challenge to prepare for this comp and get down to the fight weight. But having him sit behind me was a special moment (not that he said much 😂) that made it worthwhile. Time to hang the gloves up once and for all 😉 🥇🥈🥈


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Successful Canadian Nationals 2023

Successful Canadian Nationals in with over 600 Starters over 2 Days. The 2023 Canadian Nationals at the 7 Chiefs Sportplex & Jim Starlight Centre in

Night of the Predators II – Results!

Night of Predators 2 Flash Report from Auerbach / Germany K1 55kg Yanis Gheorghe vs Ramin Amani Win by points Ramin Amani K1 70kg Hagen