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Double Trouble – The British & English Open 2023

“THANK YOU ALL WHO ATTENDED… THE WKU BRITISH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP 2023… you are legends..” – Del Sampson, President of WKUWORLD England

With over 100 clubs/schools in attendance and over 1000 Starters, the British Open in Margate and Birmingham were a raging success!

See you next year: 4. & 5. Mai 2024

🏅 BRITISH CHAMPS REPORT from “Jason Baird’s Black Belt Academy ltd ” 🏅

Firstly I’d like to take this time to thank our team members and their Parents, without you, there would be no team. Thank you for giving up your Sunday and putting faith and trust in us to put your kids skills to the test against some of the UK best in our sport. We are newly back on the tournament scene but without being too forward we are making huge improvements in such a short time. Today we took a smaller team of 11 fighters to the WKU British Championships (World Kickboxing and Karate Union) in Birmingham, which was a qualifying event for the World Championships and to represent Team GB 🇬🇧

We had ups, we had downs, we had wins and we had losses but now back home we are already reflecting, proud of everyone and looking forward to the next tournament in a few weeks. Huge congratulations to Sophia and Joseph who competed for the very first time today yet held their own against some seasoned fighters 👏 Massive improvements from everyone else with a special mention to Jake Ridgway and Lyall Stocking who without whom we wouldn’t even be back competing, their eagerness to be the very best they can be is what has led us to today. Jake had some unbelievable fights both in light contact kickboxing, placing 3rd in his weight division, and 2nd place in his points division against fighters who have competed for many years. Something clicked for Lyall today, his light contact kickboxing bouts were a pleasure to coach. Fluid, relaxed and timing on point. Lyall also became British Champion in his points division moving up the ladder massivly and improving to new levels since his last outing. Billy, Lewis, Brody, Joshua all fought brilliantly. Unfortunately no placings this time but they have come away with things to work on, took the loss as a learning curve, and will come back hungrier next time. Sam had a wobble, this happens and we must always remember the age of some of these guys. Sometimes nerves kick in too much to even step out to battle, nothing lost I know he will use this as fire back in the academy when training resumes next week and work on his mindset and be all guns blazing next time 💥 Byron fought in his light contact kickboxing division today for the first time, although you wouldn’t of thought it if you was there. Biast, maybe 🤔 but he was dominating the fight with 30 seconds on the clock left when an old injury reared its head and sadly he had to be pulled from out. As with everyone else I am certain Byron after some rest will be back on those mats to show what he’s made of. Lastly and by no means least stepped up Cody and Adie Lock. These two brothers are already a dominant force on the tournament scene and have won far to many titles to mention. The boys have recently joined the academy moving from a different club and today represented JBBBA for the very first time. Cody stepped up a division fighting much older and heavier lads. After a bloody nose, a wobble of his head he came firing and took away a podium placing 🏅 Adie was last to fight, not to be outdone by his younger brother he entered the Men’s points division although he’s only 16 years of age. If I said it was a ‘master class’ I’d be under playing things, the lad is on another level yet is so down to earth. Adie came away British Champion, won a nice shiney belt yet decided to ‘give back’ and gave it to young Sam 🩵 For me this shown what type of person he really is and I know Sam and his Parents will remember this for a very long time.

As a coach I am so proud of all of my members, not just the guys who’s compete but everyone no matter what their goals are, what level they are or how long they have been with us. Today I seen friendship, I seen progress, I seen laughter and I seen tears but out of it all I seen a group of team mates and their parents I consider family who will now bring back what they have learnt and pass it on to everyone else at JBBBA to inspire many 🩵

Always proud, always blessed 🙏

Jason Baird 🥋



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