Whats the difference?

Light Contact, Pointfighting and Kicklight in Kickboxing

Martial arts offers a variety of disciplines and styles that differ in their rules and emphasis. Light contact, pointfighting and kicklight are three such disciplines that essentially focus on the control of punches and kicks, but still have differences:

1. Light Contact:
– Punching Power and Control: Light contact is about landing precise strikes without putting full power behind the punches and kicks. The emphasis is on control and technique, and punches should not be delivered with full force.
– Body Contact: Light contact usually allows a little more body contact compared to pointfighting and kicklight, but it should still be limited and controlled. It is more important to score clean hits than to take the opponent to the ground.
– Points: Points are awarded for clean hits on specific target areas of the opponent. Usually judges decide the outcome of the fight.

2. Pointfighting:
– Precision and Speed: Pointfighting emphasizes precise hits and quick combinations. Athletes try to score points by hitting the opponent with controlled punches and kicks in specific target areas.

– Avoidance of Body Contact: Unlike light contact, pointfighting largely avoids physical contact. Athletes should not take the opponent to the ground, but score points by hitting accurately.
– Scoring System: Pointfighting uses a scoring system in which judges evaluate the hits and award points. The winner is decided based on the score.

3. Kick-Light:

– Protection and Safety: Kicklight is an even safer variation that uses special protective gear such as headgear and gloves to minimize injuries. The punches and kicks are controlled and are not intended to injure the opponent.
– Emphasis on Kicks: As the name suggests, the emphasis in Kicklight is on kicks. Athletes are allowed to use mainly kicks, while punches are de-emphasized.
– Scoring System: Similar to pointfighting, Kicklight uses a scoring system in which judges evaluate hits and award points.


In summary, Light Contact, Pointfighting and Kick-Light are disciplines of martial arts that emphasize control, precision and protection. The differences lie mainly in the rules and emphasis of each discipline, with light contact allowing slightly more body contact, pointfighting focusing on precise strikes, and kicklight emphasizing kicks. All three offer a relatively safe way to practice martial arts and develop skills.