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Point fighting, Light Contact, Full Contact, Low kicks and (K1-style)

Dear WKU Presidents

In the name of Lebanese Federation of Kickboxing Sports & WKU Lebanon and WKU ASIA, I would like to welcome you to Open Mediterranean Kickboxing Championship in RasElMatin city – Lebanon

I am looking forward to welcome you in Lebanon

Abdul Rahman El Rayess
LFKS President
WKU ASIA & Middle East President



Fighter Registration:
Pre-registration: 01.02.-15.04.2017 50 US$ per start Late registration: 16.04.- 30.04.2017 70 US$ per start





09.00 – 15.00 16.00 – 18.00 19.00 – 21.00


Registration & Medical check Referees Seminar
Coach Meeting /Draw check




08.30 – 21.00


Door Open Elimination start




08.30 – 15.30 17.00 – 18.00 18.00 – 21.00


Door Open
Finals Start Opening Ceremony Asian Title Fights




Team departure


Lebanese Federation of Kickboxing Sports (LFKS)

Abdul Rahman El Rayess / President Mobile: +9613379044

Mohamad Khalil Zahra / General Secretary Mobile: +9313459612

Supervisor: Abdul Rahman El Rayess / WKU ASIAPresident Klaus Nonnemacher / WKU President
Hotel Booking: A. R. El Rayess

Registration: Mohamad Khalil Zahra Email:
Head Referee: GüntherKogucik Supervisor Disciplines:

  • Patricia Dalton

  • RidaMuslimani

  • Mohamad Mobayed

Light Contact Ring Sports Point Fighting

Basic conditions
Registration: 05.05.2017
Cutoff date (for fighter ́s age category) is always 30
thJune of calendar year in which competition is held!


Starting Fee: The pre-registration starting fee is us$ 50for each start, payment can be made on the day of registration.
In order to pre-register, every country representatives must use the excel file from the WKU Lebanon with photos for his country team.

In every weight category/discipline per country:WKU 4 participants are allowed Participants without a medical certificate (max 1 year old) will be required to be examined on the day and will be charged standard fees of 30 US$
Every competitor needs a WKU Passport with Stamp, the cost of 35 US$ Competitors under the age of 18 must provide parental permission to participate!


Weight and Age Divisions: Point fighting, Light Contact
• Kids Girls and Boys8 - 12 years old -25kg, -30kg, -35kg, -40kg, -45kg, -50kg, +50kg
• Junior Girls 13-17 years old /-40kg, -45kg, -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, +60kg
• Junior Boys 13-17 years old /-40kg, -45kg, -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, +70kg.
• Adult Women 18-34 years old /-50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, +65kg
• Adult Men 18-34 years old /-60kg, -65kg, -70kg, -75kg, -80kg, -85kg, -90kg, +90kg,
• Veteran Women 35-44 years old /-60kg, +60kg.
• Veteran Men 35-44 years old /-70kg, -80kg, +80kg.
• Executive Women 45 years old and up -60Kg, +60kg
• Executive Men 45 years old and up /-70kg, -80kg, +80kg.

Team Competition: Point fighting and Light Contact

• Female Teams consist of three (3) members from the (kids, juniors and women).
• Male Teams consist of five (5) members from the (kids, juniors and men).
• Each Team is allowed One (1) competitor for an alternate, in case a member of the Team is injured during competition.

Team Weight Classes for Kids Divisions: Point fighting and Light Contact
• The Team Coach has the option to pick from two (2) separate weight divisions to fill a spot.
(For example, a Girls Team Coach can pick either a -25kg or -35kg.
• Kids Girls and Boys Divisions are: 1x -25kg or -35kg/ 1x -40kg or -45kg/ 1x - 50kg or +50kg.
• Team Coaches do not have to follow a specific order when they decide on which weight class they want to send out. But once a Team Coach sends out their Competitor the opposing Coach must match their Competitor from the same weight Division.

Team Weight Classes for Juniors and Adults: Point fighting and Light Contact
• There are no weight divisions in the Junior and Adult Team competition.


• The Team Coaches will choose their Competitors alternatively matching the weight Divisions from both Teams.

Weight divisions for Full contact and Low Kicks and Original WKU K1 are as follows:
- Children Boys 12-14 years old:-35KG,-40KG,-45KG,-50KG,-55KG,- 60KG,+60KG
- Children Girls 12-14 years old:-40KG,-45KG, -50KG, 55KG, +55KG

(N.B. Light Contact to the Head).

- Cadets Girls and Boys 15-17 years old
- Cadets Girls: - 50 kg, - 55 kg, - 60 kg +60kg
- Cadets Boys: - 50 kg, - 55 kg, - 60 kg, - 65 kg, - 70 kg, - 75 kg, - 80 kg, - 85 kg, + 85 kg
-Full contact, Law Kicks and Original WKU K1 (18 – 35 years old)
- Women: -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, +65kg
- Men: -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, -75kg, -80kg, -85kg, -90kg, -95Kg +95kg

Hotel & Booking

Booking: These prices are only for WKU Representatives! Our partners for these championships is Pine land hotel
The LFKS arranges the complete booking process:**********

We would like to inform you that alternative accommodation for fighters not permitted.
TheseFighters who haven ́t booked with LFKS are not allowed to compete.

Pine Land Hotel – RasElmatin

  • -  Single room bad – half board and transport*

  • -  Double room bad – half board and transport*


  • -  Extra bad with bad – half board and transport*


  • -  Villa Six PERSONES – breakfast and transport*

    *N.B. Transport: Airport – hotel – airport Daily: hotel - stadium - hotel

120 $ per night 80 $ per night per

60 $ per night per 360 $ per night.



Welsh Open Kickboxing Championships

Contact Nick Clark:

Mobile +44 (0) 7949 343430



WKU European Title K-1 76kg and belt in Italy
Fight Clubbing Pescara 20/5/2017
Mario Kornhass (Ger) vs Matteo Calzetta (Ita)


General Information




Dates                                    25th - 27th May, 2017


Location                           Home Credit Arena


                                                CZECH REPUBLIC


Promoter                                    World Kickboxing and Karate Union (WKU)

World Martial Arts Committee – World (WMAC)


Organiser                                   Czech Union of Martial Arts – CUBU

Dr. Michal Frabsa

Mr. Jiri Mulac

                                    Mr. Slavomir Svoboda

                                                Mr. Jan Placek


Contact                                    WKU World & Europe

                                                President Mr Klaus Nonnemacher




                                                WKU/WMAC Event Management

                                                Mr Harald Folladori





                                                Dr. Michal Frabsa



Tournament Director         Mr. Harald Folladori


Tournament                   Mrs. Daniela Klopfer

Registration Leader  




Rules                                    WKU Rules & Regulations



Competitors                      Open for ALL Martial Arts Athletes and ALL European nations



Günther Kogucik: 8Dan, internationaler Kampfrichter, Mitglied Im World Rules Committe der WKU

Anmeldung per E-Mail an


Einlass 18:30 Uhr

Start: 19:30 Uhr

Special Guest: Semmy Schilt & Peter Aerts



WKU Battle of Hunsrück/IDM Tournament  30 year anniversary

17.06.2017  in Simmern (ger)
QUALIFICATION World Championship IRELAND 2017

Premise to start:     
Every sportsman of each country or association has the opportunity to compete, if he posses a pass of his association including a validly label of this year and a proof of a medical examination inside the last 12 months.

Starting Fees – Pre- registration until 13 th of June 2017 at midnight
WKU Member:            25,00 € / start
Members of other associations: 35,00 € / start
Starting in more categories:       15,00 € / further start
Forms Team:            15,00 € / start, p. Person
Delayed Registration:     + 10,00 € / start (after 13.06.2017 24:00)
Change of weight:         + 10,00 € /
WKU PANDA:            10,00 € /



Pointfighting, Lightcontact and Kick-Light:
Kickboxing-pants and a T-Shirt optional a traditional Karate- or Tae-Kwon-Do-suit, shin guard, foot guard, suspensor, mouth guard, head guard, women and girls 13 years and older have to wear a breast-guard, open-hands for Pointfighting, 10 oz boxing- gloves for Lightcontact, short pants for Kick-Light
Formen:  Applying to the performing style
Karate: Traditional White Gi, mouth guard, suspensor, guards on the ankles, women and girls 13 years and older have to wear a breast-guard
Fullcontact: Long Kickboxing-pants, foot guard, suspensor, mouth guard, head guard, women a breast-guard, 10 oz boxing- gloves, shin guard.
Kickboxing: Short Kickboxing-pants, foot guard, , shin guard or in-step shin protector, mouth guard, head guard, women a breast-guard.

Medical Check:   For a medical check at the event hall, there will be a doctor. Fee of € 50,00/ examination.

Badge: Every WKU - Member has to bring along his WKU - Badges

Prizes: Trophies  1-3 Place and Certificats

Liability: Non-warranty clause of the promoter and the WKU.

Catering: We offer drinks and eating to buy..


The coach is supposed to pre-register the competitors with
the Excel-sheet.   Non-or upcoming WKU-members use the fax sheet.
You have to announce your estimated weight!


Day of Tournament:
Starting stickers have to be payed and picked up by the coach at the cashier’s place. Delayed registered fighters will get a new starting sheet.
Weigh-in and check of fighting-passes:

08:00 - 11:45

Distribute the starting stickers to the competitors check them immediately !


If at the weigh-in the estimated weight will not proof:
• change of the category
• change of the information in the WKU-database by the WKU-Event-Team
• the competitor will be charged € 10,00 per category to be changed
• new starting stickers will be printed and distributed to the competitor.










Nur für Anfänger > Keine Fortgeschrittenen
Lightcontact, Pointfighting, K1, Full Contact no Lowkick, Panda, No Contact, Parcour

Voranmeldung: bis 28. JUNI 2017 24:00 Uhr

Nordwest Sporthalle
Otto-Hahn-Straße 3
77652 Offenburg

Kampfsportschule Offenburg
Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 30
77656 Offenburg
Tel.: 0781 / 914676 oder 0172 / 8025005
Email: info(at)kampfsportzentrum(dot)com

„Bei minderjährigen Kämpfern muss eine
Einverständniserklärung der Eltern vorliegen“

Wiegen: 09:00 Uhr -10:00 Uhr
Kampfrichterbesprechung: 10:00 Uhr
Beginn: 10:30 Uhr




Deutsche Meisterschaft Karate




Straubinger Ausstellungshallen
am Hagen 75
94315 Straubing

Jeder 1.Platzierte erhält einen Gürtel !!!!!!
Das Turnier findet auf 4000 qm statt !!!!!!!
Deutsche Meisterschaft Karate auf 1000 qm !!!!
Kickboxen alle Kategorien auf 2000 qm !!!!
Warm Up Halle für die Sportler 1000 qm !!!!!!
Sei dabei beim Superevent 2017 in Straubing !!!!!
Veranstalter : Kampfsportakademie Straubing & Kampfsportschule Rögner