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WKU Deutsche Meisterschaft Neuwied 11.11.2017


11.11.2017  in NEUWIED
QUALIFCATION World Championship 2018


Premise to start:     
Every sportsman of each country or association has the opportunity to compete, if he posses a pass of his association including a validly label of this year and a proof of a medical examination inside the last 12 months.

Starting Fees – Pre- registration until 07th of November 2017 at midnight
WKU Member:            25,00 € / start
Members of other associations: 35,00 € / start
Starting in more categories:       15,00 € / further start
Forms Team:            15,00 € / start, p. Person
Delayed Registration:     + 10,00 € / start (after 07.11.2017 24:00)
Change of weight:         + 10,00 € /
WKU PANDA:            10,00 € /



Pointfighting, Lightcontact and Kick-Light:
Kickboxing-pants and a T-Shirt optional a traditional Karate- or Tae-Kwon-Do-suit, shin guard, foot guard, suspensor, mouth guard, head guard, women and girls 13 years and older have to wear a breast-guard, open-hands for Pointfighting, 10 oz boxing- gloves for Lightcontact, short pants for Kick-Light
Formen:  Applying to the performing style
Karate: Traditional White Gi, mouth guard, suspensor, guards on the ankles, women and girls 13 years and older have to wear a breast-guard

Medical Check:   For a medical check at the event hall, there will be a doctor. Fee of € 50,00/ examination.

Badge: Every WKU - Member has to bring along his WKU - Badges

Prizes: Trophies  1-3 Place and Certificats

Liability: Non-warranty clause of the promoter and the WKU.

Catering: We offer drinks and eating to buy..


The coach is supposed to pre-register the competitors with
the Excel-sheet.   Non-or upcoming WKU-members use the fax sheet.
You have to announce your estimated weight!


Day of Tournament:
Starting stickers have to be payed and picked up by the coach at the cashier’s place. Delayed registered fighters will get a new starting sheet.
Weigh-in and check of fighting-passes:

08:00 - 10:00

Distribute the starting stickers to the competitors check them immediately !


If at the weigh-in the estimated weight will not proof:
• change of the category
• change of the information in the WKU-database by the WKU-Event-Team
• the competitor will be charged € 10,00 per category to be changed
• new starting stickers will be printed and distributed to the competitor.






Beverwijker Ring 3 56564 Neuwied
56564 Neuwied

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